Miss Lilikoi Cupcake at 10 weeks
Meet our new puppy, Lilikoi Cupcake. Lilikoi is Hawaiian passionfruit. It was actually the filling that Nick and I had in our wedding cake when we got married here in Hawaii back in March. Since Lilikoi, who we just call Lili for short, is a purebred beagle, we thought a daintier name would be appropriate.
First meeting!
My absolute favorite name was Charlotte, but we were really hoping for something that would have a Hawaiian influence, but that wouldn’t be hard to pronounce or be weird when we leave Hawaii. I think Lili was a good choice. Oh, and I’m obsessed with cupcakes.
Loves grass.
I've loved beagles for a long time now. I think their eyeliner-ed eyes are adorable. I know they are loud, nose-driven dogs, but they have a reputation for being sweet and lovable and getting along well with children and other dogs. We wanted something smaller than Maggie (who is at about 45 lbs) and were looking at cocker spaniels, Cavalier King Charles and beagles. The first two tend to have long hair, and we thought it would be easier to stick with a shorter haired dog. Also, Maggie met a Cavalier King Charles one day at a dog walk and Maggie barely sniffed it before it went yipping off frightened. I couldn't have a prissy little dog like that. :)
Also loves stealing Big Sis' bed!
Lili was born on September 2, 2010. We picked her up on Sunday, November 7, when we got back from our honeymoon. She was just under 10 weeks then.

(We also got a new digital SLR camera just days before getting Lili- our slightly used Nikon D40, with which most of these pictures were taken.)
'What IS this thing that keeps bugging me?!'
When we got our first dog, our black lab-border collie mix Maggie, she was already about 6 or 7 months old. We missed out on all the really young puppy phases- including crate training, house training, teething…all the fun stuff.
Don't let the innocent looks fool you!
Puppy karma is catching up. We got off WAY too easily the first time. 

Lili is an adorable puppy. She has learned a lot in the last 3 weeks of having her but she is definitely a challenge. House training especially.
'I wanna be just like big sis!'
But she has already picked up “Sit” and is working really well with “Stay.” When we would walk out of the room or go to bed the first week she would cry and whine and bark and howl. She is doing much better with her vocalization now. We also discovered that turning on a sound machine of waves and soft music keeps her relaxed and quiet the whole night. Thank God.
Sleepy time with Daddy!
We do have fun when Lili falls asleep after a lot of playing. It's the equivalent of a drunk person passing out and people writing on his face with Sharpie. One night we took some fun pictures of a passed out Lili. Three pairs of sunglasses, a pair of shoes, a beer bottle, a hat, and even a rose in her mouth. Ahh, fun.
Cruel I know. But so much fun.
Just like daddy.
Nick and I have been studying Cesar’s ways. Snagging moments to read his bookHow to Raise the Perfect Dog (perfect puppy training book if you are looking for one!) and watching Dog Whisperer every chance we get, we are definitely making progress. Having a puppy really does make you feel like you have a baby! I had no idea we got off so easily with raising Maggie, who is already a wonderful dog, but in comparison to the new pup is just the most well-behaved dog ever.
Me? NOT well behaved? Pfft.
Maggie is being a great big sister. She was confused for a while as to what this little critter that kept trying to eat her ears is. We also learned quickly that we can’t give them treats that take a while to eat, like rawhides. Maggie is able to finish hers in minutes and Lili continues to chew them or loses interest, then Maggie goes after her food.
Getting used to the camera, I think.
 Maggie is getting much more used to Lili’s antics now. She lets Lili chew on her for a little while now. When playing fetch (Lili is learning to bring us the ball back too!) if Maggie gets to it first, often she will drop it in front of Lili so that Lili can have it or bring it back to us.
See- we share!
It’s definitely been a challenging experience so far. But they do seem to care about each other already. I almost wish we could fast-forward to the already trained days but Lili is so adorable as a puppy and is already growing so quickly. I think she has already gained about 4 pounds since we got her! Wow.
Another great thing about having Lili? If there were any cute fuzzy feelings about having children asap, they have dissipated rapidly. We want to enjoy our time with just our canine family hopefully for at least another 2 years. ;)
PS. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Nick and I did. We stayed low-key, for fear of abadoning the dogs for too long. We spent the morning at the beach with Pineapple Juice/Ice Tea/Rum concoction, the spent the evening watching the puppies wrestle and eating some of our favorite foods: bacon wrapped bratwursts for Nick (his fave thing I make- bratwursts wrapped in bacon and coated with brown sugar and cayenne pepper), spaghetti and 5-cheese Texas Toast (which I never buy!), and pineapple cupcakes with citrus frosting- Yum!

We also got our Christmas tree. I can't wait to show you all pictures after I decorate it. We're not going to be able to go home for the holidays this year, so it should be interesting to spend Christmas on a tropical island. Challenge accepted! Another blog update soon!



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I've neglected to tell you about my friend Eddie who popped in and out of my life not that long ago. He appeared to me while I was watering my garden.
Eddie is a 4 inch lizard. :)

I found Eddie hanging out on my Hawaiian Chili Pepper plant having a good ol' time. He didn't seem the least bit perturbed when I grabbed my new camera and got as close as 5 inches away from him at times. He even let me pet him- though I don't think he liked it much.

I was so excited that something as cool as Eddie would wonder into my yard. I named him after Eddie Aikau, who is a Hawaiian legend. (Good local story you should know about if you ever visit Hawaii and see the "Eddie Would Go" bumper stickers. Kind of a Hawaii-ism.)

After posting a few pictures on Facebook, a know-it-all friend of mine (hey, I'm thankful, Rick- I really am!) identified Eddie as a female Jackson Chameleon. (Ooops..Sorry for naming you a guys' name, Eddie.)

Apparently, although Jackson chameleons aren't native here, they have been introduced and you can find them here. People sell them online across the country for about $75 and you can find them on Craigslist here and in local pet stores for about $25- when people I guess are mean enough to pick them up from the ground & take them.

I didn't want to take Eddie- I looked up directions for keeping shim, but it was way too much work. So instead, I just took a lot of pictures of him as he explored my chili pepper and tomato plant and hung out in my yard for about 2 1/2 days. It was fun waking up in the morning and seeing the little guy making his journey across the jungle of my yard.

I was sad when he finally left but it was a fun little brightening to my day(s) while he was here. Plus I got the picture below. And this is now one of my top pictures I have ever taken in my life. :)

How can this not make you smile? :)
Next time, I'll tell you about how I met a mermaid. No really. ;)
Nick and I have been having a lot of fun together just watching movies and spending time together.
Today is Saturday and we're planning another Mini-Moon today...after the yardwork gets done anyway. Our one month anniversary was this past week. :)

As soon as I finish typing this I'm pouring myself a glass of champagne and getting prettied up.

We have two tickets to the Ali`i Kai Catamaran dinner cruise this evening in Waikiki. Nick gave me my birthday present early- my new waterproof digital camera. My birthday isn't for another two weeks but his camera stopped working the weekend of sub ball and mine ran out of battery. And the battery charger is missing. It was time to get a new one. I'm so excited to have my new waterproof one and hope to take even more awesome beach pics now that I don't have to worry about it getting wet or anything. In fact, I believe we're going to Lanikai beach tomorrow so I'll aim to get some great shots then.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know we will.
Off to sip some champagne...Cheers!
Based on the three shows I have watched on the Travel Channel about Hawaii,  I have already started compiling lists of things that I want to do in Hawaii. Obviously there's not a huge rush since we'll be there for three years but then again I have had lists for Charleston and now that there's only a month and a half left I feel the need to catch up on them.

There are incredible things to do and see in Hawaii. From kite surfing, the two live volcanoes on the big island, a frigging HUGE zipline (Hawaii's largest that uses 2 1/2 miles of cable and has 8 separate ziplines spanning hundreds of feet overtop of rainforest), the only royal palace in the US, the coral reefs, cliff diving (awesome!!), bungee jumping (I hope they have that somewhere there), SNUBA-diving (kind of like scuba diving but good if you're not certified- you're still hooked up to a tank but the tank is above water attached by a huge cord). All these things remind me that I really want that new awesome waterproof (and probably more importantly shockproof) digital camera. Especially since camera and I don't have the best of luck. I've spilled cosmopolitan on  one camera at crush party in college and hairspray on another while it was in my makeup bag during rush. Shockproof and waterproof are good things to have. Plus it's extremely important to document crystal clear water! How often are we around that? I don't know about you, but my big beach trips have mostly been Ocean City, MD (slogan: It's all we've got) and here at Folly Beach and Sullivan's Island in Charleston. Better but still definitely not clear. I can't even remember visiting the Keys when I was younger. I think Puerto Rico's water was clearer when I visited back in high school but definitely NOT tropical paradise level of clear. And definitely not past a few feet.

So while I've been compiling my list for Hawaii, I'm also in the process of checking things off of Charleston's To Do list.
We're going to Myrtle Beach this weekend to meet up with some friends. Granted I've been to Myrtle before, but not since I was only living less than 3 hours away, and definitely not since I've turned 21. So that should be a fun one.

There are a ton of shirts I'd like to get from various bars around here. I love collecting random bar tshirts. I guess it started in college when we started going to crush parties at random bars. I'm already up to 5 Greene Turtle tshirts (an awesome bar chain in Maryland). I have some pretty random ones from California from various trips. Once from VA that Nick got me that has a funny gnome on it. A couple from Panama City, FL from last year when Nick was stationed at dive school there. I just think it's really fun to wear them a few states later and remember when you first got the shirt. And the ones that are awkward sizes and don't fit well or I've outworn (or stained) I thought it'd be cool later to cut out and make them into some sort of alcoholic patchwork quilt. Haha.

In addition to tshirts we also collect pint glasses. Those are the glasses we use every day. I love that they're all the same size and shape but they're not too matchy matchy. We have them from all over now. Some pretty funny ones. So we still have a few pint glasses and tshirts to pick up in the next month and a half.

In addition, I'd really like to do some of the touristy stuff. Walk the entire Ravenel Bridge (we have made it about 3/4ths of the way so far). Carriage tours, walk around Folly Beach shops, a ghost tour or two. There are so many haunted plantations and old jails from the Civil War here- I'd love to check some out before we leave.

How did everything sneak up on us? I can't believe it's already been a whole year since we moved here. I hope Hawaii doesn't go by that quickly! There's way more stuff I want to do and enjoy while I'm there.

And I am pretty sure by the time we leave Hawaii, about 78% of my tshirt collection will have become Hawaiian. :)

The News



Just found out yesterday I'm moving to Hawaii in February.
Oh my Lord.

What else can you really say to that?

Basically my boyfriend is going to be stationed at Pearl Harbor on O'ahu, Hawaii.
28 hours ago I didn't even know how to say "O'ahu." Well...okay maybe I knew how to say that.

But I didn't even know what "Mahalo" meant. I just remembered that they kept saying it in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

So in the last day since we found out, I have already watched a show and a half about Hawaii on the travel channel, have been trying to memorize how to do my vowel pronunciations in Hawaiian, just learned how to spell "Hawaiian," and already picked out a new waterproof digital camera that I'm hoping I can talk my mom into buying me in an effort to keep better in touch with her when I move some 3,000 miles away and like 6 hours time difference from the east coast.(I think it's 6 hours- there's another one to look up).

Anyways, I am hoping the idea about the camera and the staying in touch idea will cushion the blow of her baby girl who is probably of a birthing age moving super far away. Nooootttt that I plan on having kids anytime soon. But, well, you know moms.

No one besides my closest friends know the news yet. We're waiting for written orders so that I don't start bragging about moving to a tropical paradise only to be last minute changed to rainy Washington state or somewhereintheboonies, Connneticut. (I don't even know how to spell Connecttticut. I don't want to learn. I'd rather learn Hawaiian. Spellproof be damned.)

So this is day one of my Island blog. I think it might be nice to blog about the move to Hawaii and of course- the actual island once we get there. Crossing fingers it doesn't change to Connnnictucettt!