I recently started working for a non-profit organization in Honolulu and I really love it. I love feeling like I'm helping a greater good. But when I heard about the Walk coming up next weekend for a different organization I really wanted to walk in it.

Autism effects so many children- according to the CDC it effects 1 in every 80 to 1 in every 240 children. Personally I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to find out your child has autism, and to know that life could be drastically different for them and for you for the rest of your lives. I believe in supporting anything that can be done to help research and hopefully find a cure.
Even though I'm getting a late start with the Walk (it's next Saturday, June 12th) I set a goal of $200 and I'm really hoping to make it.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. You can donate directly online (tax deductible!) or you can mail in a check and it even lets you download a form to do so. ANY amount would help it. I appreciate your time and support so much!

Donate here (or sign up to walk with me!):

Mahalo nui loa! (Thank you very much!)