Well, as most of you have watched the reports, you know that the tsunami barely reared its ugly head here in Hawaii. We had some cloudy water, some unusual activity in the water near all the islands, etc.

I don't think Hawaii overreacted. I think today really illustrated how prepared the islands are for something that could become a severe disaster in the future. Today my thoughts kept going back to this horrific what-if youtube video I saw a while ago before even moving here.

This is the clip I saw a while back that freaked me out today:
It's scary to imagine something like that can occur. It's unlikely of course, but as we were shown today, a tsunami is NOT out of the realm of possibilities. Definitely shows you how lucky we are to have every moment in a clean, dry house. It also really makes your heart go out to the people in Chile, and of course Haiti who didn't have any warning for their natural disasters.

I typed on Twitter all day. It was really interesting to follow the events on Twitter while watching the news and it makes you be thankful for technology. I got a lot of support from people I have never even met. All of Hawaii had prayers and good vibes coming its way from Twitter users all over the world. It was really interesting to watch and it kept me calm talking about everything going on.
Naptime on the couch after a day of too much adrenaline!
In the end the whole event showed us how to prepare for such an event. I was especially fortunate to have Nick here with me. As he pointed out, if he had been close to a deployment they probably would have just taken off early. That would have been scary.

As it was, after things had officially started to die down, I practicaly passed out on the couch in front of the news. All that adrenaline rushing through me so early in the morning when I thought our area had to evacuate (and we were fortunate- quite a few of our friends here actually did have to evacuate!) just really hit me hard. I ended up napping for three hours.

Now we're up, and oddly enough this is the worst and most ominous I've seen the weather since I've been here....It's been overcast all day long. I know that doesn't sound like bad weather, but the most bad it's been since I've moved here has been a 2-3 hr period of overcast-ness at the most. This has been all day.

It's not going to stop us for making the most of what's left of the day. Nick is about to use his new barbeque with some shark meat he got the other day (we'll see how this goes- never had it before) and we'll probably just stay in and relax. We have a lot of work to do on the yard tomorrow that hopefully we'll still be able to do. We have to rent a tiller in the AM and get gas for it (assuming not ALL the gas stations are out of gas) so we can mix up the compost we laid today in with the pre-existing red clay/dirt stuff. Then we actually have to plant small patches of grass all over so they'll grown in and fill out the yard. Ahh, it'll be a long day.

Once again, thanks everyone for the well wishes through phonecalls, facebook wallposts, twitter, etc. We're glad it wasn't anything serious & hopefully now we know we need to have more stuff on hand in case this pans out in the future with another crazy event.